We create the space.
You make it your own.

Spring Consulting Architects and Engineers is a Category- I Ethiopian based firm offering a range of services in Engineering, Architectural and related services. The firm was established in 2009 with the primary objectives of providing multi-disciplinary consulting services to the public as well as the private firms engaged in the development of various types of economic and social buildings and infrastructures. The Firm has the capacity to undertake such tasks as engineering services including design, supervision and contract administration of building and infrastructure works. It also provides services including surveying, structural and environmental studies.

Better design together

We approach all our projects collaboratively with our clients. It’s our aim to turn your imagination into reality, which is why we include you in the design process from the very start. We believe that the best buildings are those which are built for someone to love, not just to use.

500+ Projects

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SINCE 2009

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- Grow skills

- Learn from experience

- Demonstrate passion

- Be helpful

Spring Architects, we have 4 guiding values that inform everything we do, from day-to-day business administration to high-level design, supervision and contract administration.

Each is intended to ensure that our working processes run smoothly, while at the same time making sure we’re offering each and every one of our clients the care and attention they deserve.

Each design project is unique, and so we approach them with a sense of novelty and creativity. Have something special in mind for your space? Let us know, we’re always excited for a challenge.

Spring Architects

Theodros Tsegaye


Desalegn Teshome

Construction Department Head

Yishak Girma

Structural Engineer & Design Department Head

Biniyam Wondem


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